The Current Teen Wolf Cast Is Totally On Board with Coming Back for the Reboot

Tonight, Teen Wolf returns for its final season—in theory.

While there are indeed just ten more episodes of the show we currently know as Teen Wolf, it appears that MTV is not done with the franchise just yet. It was recently reported that MTV is planning to reboot the series, starting with a podcast “in the spirit ofSerial,” before developing a new show with a new cast of supernatural teens.

While the idea seems to be that that new show would feature an entirely new cast, the current cast is not unwilling to come back to the series.

“I would love to be a part of it,” Tyler Posey told us of the reboot at Comic-Con. “I want to be a part of everything Teen Wolf. I just think it’s really cool that we helped build what might be a legacy. Teen Wolf might be a name that’s carried around for years, and that’s really cool that we were the start* of it. I would love to be a part of the stuff after…”

“Wouldn’t be right if you weren’t,” Shelley Hennig added.

“It wouldn’t be right if any of us weren’t,” Posey agreed.

“If there’s a story to be told, I would love to be the one to tell it,” said Cody Christian. 

Returning star Colton Haynes took the news of the reboot as an opportunity to mess with Holland Roden by telling her that creatorJeff Davis wanted her to play a teacher when the show returned.

“She goes, ‘he wants me to be a teacher now? I was just a high school student!'” Haynes told us of his prank. “So then I told her I was lying.”

Haynes also learned about the podcast aspect of the reboot on camera, and his reaction is pretty priceless. (To see the full reaction, check out the Comic-Con highlights video on Twitter.)

Much of the cast likes the idea of expanding the universe—though they don’t seem to be such big fans of Charlie Carver‘s idea of doing “Daddy Wolf.”

As for Jeff Davis, he tells E! News that the reboot was not exactly his doing.

“That was MTV and the new chief over there, Chris McCarthy, who’s a big fan of the show and doesn’t want to let it go, which is really nice,” he says. “It’s flattering, and pretty amazing actually. It feels good to get that kind of love. We’ve never been a ratings monster like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead, yet somehow we go to Comic-Con and somehow we end up being the most tweeted about show at Comic-Con, and Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey are two of the most tweeted about celebrities? That’s crazy to me. People seem to really love the show, which is really gratifying.”

“We’ll see,” he says when asked if he’ll be back at the helm of the reboot. “They’ll have to pay me extraordinary amounts of money…I’m kidding.”

*Of course, the real start of the name Teen Wolf was the 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox, but Posey obviously was just talking about the TV show.


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